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January Newsletter

Linna Yuen

January Newsletter

Happy New Year! I hope you had a wonderful holiday season and my first newsletter finds you well. 
If you are wondering whether it is a buyer’s or seller’s market, here are my thoughts.
As we emerge from the hottest real estate market in history, characterized by both high price appreciation and high demand, we know those levels are not sustainable. And with interest rates rising, inflation, and stock market volatility, the fear of a housing crash looms.
The number of transactions in Fairfield County dropped 30% compared to 2021, partly due to a lack of inventory. In fact, inventory had decreased by 27%. But the median sales price is up 5.6%, which is an indication that demand remains strong. The price surge we witnessed during the pandemic may have leveled off, but demand persists and real estate remains a sound, long-term investment.
Interest rates may be higher than in the past few years, but the benefits of home ownership continue. Based on today’s 30-year fixed rate of 6.25%, a monthly rental payment of $5,000 is equivalent to a loan amount of $812,061 (principal and interest).
2023 is still a good time to sell, and if you are in the market for a new home, you might have less competition now. With patience, the right house will come along.

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